• PIIG Logo PIIG, Sr.  (People Interested In Grub, JR.) 

    Primary Sponsor: Starla Morris PIIG 

    Club Description: If you are like me, you LOVE food! JIn this club, we will visit some local restaurants, partake of their delicious offerings, show off our awesome manners, discuss good food, and hopefully, organize and/or attend some foodie events.  This past year, PIIG went to some amazing local restaurants, took a caramel apple-making class, took a truffle-making class, hosted BCVSS’s first Cupcake Wars, and donated money and food items to a local food bank. 

    Club Objectives:

    • to eat some yummy food 
    • to explore local restaurants
    • to practice proper etiquette
    • to take some cool food-related classes
    • to help others in need of food
    • to make some good friends
    • to host food-related events at BCVSS
    • to eat some more! 
    • Cost to students: Cost of food


    • a love of food
    • BCVSS enrollment – grades 9-12
    • attendance at monthly meetings/lunches at local restaurants
    • polite manners at all outings
    • willingness to share great experiences