DMS Staff Directory

Alphabetical listing of all faculty and staff at Daphne Middle School
First Name Last Name Department Email
Brittany Antinarella Gifted Social Studies 7 & 8
Rick Bates Building & Grounds Manager
Jamie Berkel Resource Inclusion Teacher
Sherry Bittinger Art Enrichment
Amanda Blake Guidance Counselor
Claire Brenner Speech Pathologist
Leah Brymer PE
Ryan Carley PE
Toni Carroll Digital Resource (Helpdesk)
Melinda Delgado Resource Inclusion Teacher
Beth DePalma Paraprofessional
Stephanie Dillon Career Tech
Betsy Duke Social Studies 7
Gay Garafola Algebra 8
Maureen Gentry Nurse
Lynn Golfos Reading and Math Intervention
Jim Hinton PE
Cathey Ho Science 7/8
Tiffany Holt Social Studies 7
Jaime Huffman SRO
Cynthia Hunter Paraprofessional
Tiffany Irby Kalakheti Principal
Roger Jackson Building & Grounds
Phyllis Johnson CNP Manager
Azure Joiner Assistant Principal
Tenner Jones Building and Grounds
John Kinard Science 7
Karl Larisey Social Studies 8
Ellen Letard Special Education MD Unit
Lisa Madison Language Arts 8
Leslie Majewski Math 7
Michele Marshall Curriculum Leader
Nathan McNair Resource Inclusion Teacher
Debbie Miles Bookkeeper
Dawn Miller Language Arts 8
Joy Mitchell Office Clerk
Joy Mitchell Office Clerk
Matthew Moorer Social Studies 8
Sylvia Nettles CNP Staff
Kelly Nielsen Math/Study Skills
Richard Parent OCS
Sandi Peak Media Specialist
Byron Peterson Building & Grounds
Jason Price Language Arts 7
Melissa Price Language Arts 7
Alicia Ray Guidance Counselor
Melissa Sessions Pre-Algebra 8
Laurie Smith Math 7
Margaret Smith Paraprofessional
Renee Thomas Band
Jaime Tillman Language Arts 7/8
Mary Trawick Chorus & Music
Kimberly Turner Science 8th
Holly Wiggins Science 7
Windy Williams Resource Inclusion Teacher
Mary Winchester Registrar