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    We appreciate your patience and support as we work through this trying time.We will get through this! Please reach out with any questions!


    Daphne High School Faculty and Staff


    Parents/students needing replacement Chromebooks or Power Adapters should call our Help Desk at 251-967-5333 to schedule a place/time for the exchange.  We are asking for an appoint approach for service to prevent gatherings and long lines. Parents, students, teachers and staff may also visit www.bcbe.org and click the link for Technical Support to view support FAQs or to send an email to our team at techsupport@bcbe.org


    Baldwin County Public Schools Secondary Curriculum Continuity Plan for 9th-11th Graders

    Starting April 15th, DHS teachers will continue delivering critical content standards through the remaining weeks of the school year.  Many of us utilize emailthrough our phones, but your student will need Internet access to complete assignments.  Parents, if you do not have internet access at home, please let Lynda Le know at the following address lle@bcbe.org.

    Teachers will continue delivering critical content standards through the remaining weeks of the school year. Students will be required to COMPLETE the assignments that are issued.  After completion of the assignments, your student will be issued a grade of 100 for that 4th quarter.  We will provide more information on the types and number of assignments coming to your student.  We understand there is more stress in households, so the assignments were made taking that into consideration.  If the work is not completed, your student will receive an Incomplete until the work is completed. 

    What might a typical week look like for  students in grades 9-11? 

    Math 2 lessons/2 hours maximum

    Science 2 lessons/2 hours maximum

    English 2 lessons/2 hours maximum

    Social Studies 2 lessons/2 hours maximum

    Critical Core Elective 1 Lesson/1 hour

    Critical Core Elective 1 Lesson/1 hour

    Critical Core Class or Elective 1-2 hours

    Starting April 21st, 2020

     Weekly assignments should be posted by Monday mornings 8:00am.  Weekly assignments will be due by Friday at 3pm.

    These assignments are for one, cumulative completion grade at the end of 4th quarter.

    There will be no Final Exams for students this semester.


    ACCESS Courses

    Students in grades 7-11 who are currently enrolled in ACCESS courses or ACCESS CR courses will continue to complete courses by May 21st at 3pm.


    Dual Enrollment Courses

    Career Tech Dual Enrollment Courses will follow the requirements set forth by the post-secondary institution.

    Dual Enrollment instructors implement assignments based on the instructions set forth by the post-secondary institution.

    This applies to both academic and career technical dual enrollment courses.


    Communication Expectations

    Teachers will communicate regularly with students via email, Google Classroom, Remind, or other online formats. Teachers should call the home/parents of students who have not responded to online communication/assignments. Each DHS Teacher will have one-hour of dedicated “office hours” each day, Monday through Friday, so students and parents can reach them for clarification and questions.

    Teachers will respond to all email communications or posts within the online classroom setting ideally by the end of that school day or no later than 24 hours after the initial communication.


    Baldwin County Public Schools Secondary Curriculum Continuity Plan for Seniors

    Today we had a meeting to finalizing the rest of the school year.  Per the Alabama Department of Education, Seniors who have passing grades in their courses will be considered done with that content and considered graduates.  For example, an average of 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter grades divided by three is the final grade.  Congratulations to all the Seniors who have finished.

    Mrs. Dombrowski is auditing transcripts as we speak and will be in contact with seniors who will need to move into Credit Recovery.  Students in ACCESS classes will need to continue along as they are.  Dual Enrollment classes are also continuing for Seniors.  AP Test info will be coming from us very soon.  It will be completed in home.   

    The May 11th graduation has been canceled but we are looking at a June date; if that doesn’t happen, we’ll be looking at a July date, and our last resort will be a virual graduation.  The class of 2020, these young people, your children, our students, have been an exceptional bunch. Please know how much we will miss them, and know we will work hard to make a graduation happen!

    We be in contact with Senior families letting everyone know specifics and procedures about diplomas, cap and gowns at a later time.

    • If you are a senior in good standing who has met all state graduation requirements as of the end of 3rd quarter, you have completed your senior year. No further school is required for you. CONGRADULATIONS!!
    • If you are an AP senior in good standing with passing grades and have completed the graduation requirements you have graduated. CONGRADULATIONS!!You will need to begin preparing for your college boards to receive college credit. We will provide more information to you after spring break.
    • If you are an IB senior and are in good standing with passing grades and have completed the graduation requirements you have graduated. CONGRADULATIONS!!The International Baccalaureate program will take your test scores from last year and combine it with this year’s grades and you will receive those credits. Reach out to your school’s IB coordinator to verify that you have met the necessary requirements.
    • If you are a senior not in good standing who has not met the requirements for graduation as of the end of 3rd quarter, you will have additional work to do. We have a plan and will be in touch on how to move forward after spring break. Please do not stress. We will all get through this together!