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    Dear Parents:

    Baldwin County Public School System is passionate about providing the right educational setting for every child in our system. For many years we have realized the traditional classroom setting may not meet the needs each family. We have seen great success with our 7th-12th grade Virtual School. Building on the accomplishments and experience we have gained over the last decade, today we are offering the same excellence in virtual education to K-6th students and families. 

    Our purpose for expanding our virtual school to K-6 is to:   

    o   Complete our virtual offering by extending service from Kindergarten to graduation

    o   Provide non-traditional students an excellent learning opportunity.

    o   Accommodate students who cannot or elect not to return to a classroom setting.  

    o   To provide unique at home learning environment for homeschooled children.

    Unlike distant learning during COVID 19, we plan to provide digital direct instruction developed by master teachers through Google Classroom. We know elementary students need to hear and receive instruction from a “real teacher” for long term education success. This is not classroom education and there will be significant limitations. Children must have a guardian who can stay with them and work with them on their personal challenges. 

    Our virtual students are being provided a top of class, online curriculum in partnership with a national digital education vendor. Our custom program will utilize the same curriculum offered to all classroom based students with custom enhancements for our Baldwin County students. We will also provide scheduled "face to face" access to certified elementary teachers for tutoring at sites across Baldwin County.

    As an elementary educator for more than 40 years, this is an exciting time for me as I watch our system open the doors to non-traditional children. There are so many families who are concerned about their children's engagement in social settings, non-traditional families and those with special needs. Today we are opening the door to service these wonderful families with a virtual classroom from the leading educators in Alabama.

    Please feel free to reach out with any questions. Our team is here to work with your family as we roll out this exciting opportunity.


    Hope Signature  

    Hope Zeanah, Assistant Superintendent Elementary