Dr. Zack Wigstrom

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    Principal Dr. Zack WigstromMy name is Zack Wigstrom and I am the principal here at C.F. Taylor. I am so excited about beginning this new journey in my educational career. I have been in education over 20 years, and I am looking for this to be the best. I was a special education teacher at the secondary level for 13 years and have been an administrator for the past 10. If I were to pick two words to describe myself, it would be relationships and accountability. I am going to work to create relationships with my students as well as hold them accountable for their actions.  I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have two wonderful children. In our spare time we love to travel, go out on our boat and spend time with family. I have an open-door policy and encourage you to stop by and visit.