• Chromebook Information  
    • Chromebooks are issued to all students free of charge.
    • BCBE (Baldwin County Board of Education)does not provide backpacks to students.
    • Students may purchase their own backpack.
    • BCBE (Baldwin County Board of Education)requires that the backpack has two shoulder straps that are at least 1 inch wide and a padded compartment for storing the laptop.
    • Students will not be issued laptops without an appropriate backpack as students are required to use backpacks when transporting their County-issued laptop.

    Charges for Damaged ChromeBooks 

     Damaged Chromebook-$200.00

     Power Adapter-$23.50

     Cracked Screen-$84.00

     Keyboard Replacement-$79.25

     Camera Missing-$67.15

     Lower case of Chromebook-$42.55

     Upper Case-$61.97



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