• Frequently Asked Questions:

    What are the library hours?
    The library is open at 7:30 and closes at 3:15 unless students make prior arrangements.


    How do students search for books?

    Students may search for books using OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog). The link is located on the library’s home page of this website and may be accessed at school and at home. 


    How many books may students check out?

    Students may check out a maximum of three books at one time.


    How long may students keep library books? 

    Students may keep library books for two weeks.


    How do students renew library books?

    Students should take the books to the library and request a renewal. If all fines are paid, books are renewed for an additional two weeks. 


    How many times may students renew a book?

    Students may renew a book multiple times at the discretion of the librarians.


    May students check out reference books?

    Students may not check out reference books. They are encouraged to make copies of the information or use the books during their free time. Some reference books are available as internet copies through OPAC.


    May students reserve books?

    Students may reserve books and are notified when the books become available.


    What is the fine per day for overdue books? 

    Students are charged $.10 per day for each book that is returned after the due date.


    When are students allowed to visit the library?

    Students may visit the library during class with a pass from their teacher and during all lunches. The library is also open to students before and after school.


    Does the library sell school supplies?

    The library sells various School Supplies


    Are students allowed to print from their laptops in the library?

    The library has two printers that are available to students. Black and white prints are $.10/page and color prints are $.25/page.


    Are computers available for students who do not have laptops.

    The library currently has a few desktop computers. Students are urged to use Google Docs to complete assignments that need to be printed so that they can be shared with the librarians or a teacher.