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We are asking that parents not come park in car line before 2:00pm.
If you get here at 2:00, you will need to get in line around the circle on the west side (same as morning car line circle). The first person in line will stop at the West Wing Breezeway and leave the alleyway and front door awning areas empty.
Car riders will be dismissed first this year.
All buses will dismiss at 3:15. 
For car riders, we will call names and you'll pull to the awning to pick up your child. We will only be allowing 5 or 6 cars to pull up at a time.
You'll need your Car Rider Sign to be visible in your car for the student's name to be called. If you do not have a sign after the first day, we'll need to get you one. After the first week, if you don't have one of our car rider signs, you will be asked to park and wait while we verify your identity and make sure you are on the child's pick up list. This can take time, so be sure to have that sign! Students will have a sign to bring home the first day if we already know they will be car riders.