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Bike to School May 3rd

Students who bike to FES on first Fridays will receive spoke beads for their bikes! Follow our page for event details such as monthly themes and prizes.

Get active.
Reduce traffic congestion. 
Increase environmental stewardship.
Have fun!

-Students must wear a helmet (it’s the law!) and be accompanied by an adult.
-Students on bikes should enter the campus by the HOV line entrance on Fairwood, walk their bikes down the big hill and park on the N side of campus W of the cafeteria doors. Please do not enter campus from Section St. at the HOV line exit.
-Bikes should always be walked on sidewalks once on campus.

-Map out a route ahead of time and do a test ride during low traffic times.
-Use your eyes & ears to look for things in your path and listen for traffic. 
-Watch for vehicles coming out of driveways and stop before crossing the street, entering a road or turning. Look left, right, left and behind you for traffic (including pedestrians, bicycles & cars). 
-Ride straight and in a predictable manner, with both hands on the handlebars, except when signaling. 
-Negotiate with drivers, making sure they know what you intend to do via eye contact and communicating through hand signals and body language. 
-Dismounting and walking your bike is always an option, especially when crossing a busy street or climbing a steep hill. 
-If you live too far to bike, consider parking closer and then biking to school. 
-Organize a bike train with friends and neighbors to ride as a group to school. 

WHERE TO RIDE--Street or Sidewalk?
-Sidewalks are recommended for bikers that are less than 10 years old 
(according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Fairhope allows bikes on sidewalks outside of downtown.
-Remember that pedestrians have the right-of-way on sidewalks. Slow down & alert them as you approach by ringing your bell and/or saying “passing on the left”. 
-If riding on the street, ride single file to the right side of the road & in the same direction as cars.
-Obey all traffic signs, signals, lane markings & laws—your bicycle is a vehicle & you are the driver.