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1.  School doors open at 7:20 for car riders each morning.
2. School starts for students at 7:45. The tardy bell rings at 7:50. If a student arrives after 7:50, they are tardy, or late, and need to be signed in at the front office. 
3. Sign in when visiting the school at the school office and obtain a Visitor's Badge.  Sign out when leaving at the school office and turn in your Visitor's Badge.
4. Teachers/classes may not be interrupted during the instructional day. 
5. Dismissal is at 2:50. There are no early dismissals after 2:15.  Please limit checkouts to emergencies.  Photo ID is required for individuals checking out a student.
6. Bus changes must be in writing for home addresses only.
7. Please label all jackets, sweaters, and lunchboxes sent to school with your students in case they leave it somewhere other than their classroom. 
8. Please make sure ALL emergency contact information for your student is correct. 
9. Do not unsubscribe to school system e-mails regarding school information. If you do unsubscribe, ALL communication from the school STOPS. If you unsubscribed last year, you are still unsubscribed until you tell us to release it. This is part of the telecommunications law. 
10. We encourage every family to use the BCBE Smart Phone App, which can be found at School-system information will be sent out via this app.