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BCBE wants students to have access to resources for practice and enrichment.

Students have access to practice and enrichment materials through the portal under the section labeled “School Closure Resources”. This icon will open to a folder of resources for students.

You can also visit for additional educational resources compiled by BCBE. 

Students are NOT expected to complete all of the activities included in the student portal. Rather, a variety of materials were provided to allow students and parents to pick and choose activities for students to practice.

Please remember these materials are for PRACTICE and ENRICHMENT ONLY. No grades will be assigned for completed work upon returning to school. We just want students to practice reading and math skills to stay sharp in a relaxed forum.

If a student does not have internet access at home, a device has been provided with material already downloaded on it or a printed packet of material has been provided. Please contact your child's teacher. 

This applies to the weeks before Spring Break (April 6).