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Below is the approved list of food that may be brought in for special/birthday snacks and classroom parties. If it is not on the list, it is NOT allowed to be brought to school. All food must be sealed with ingredients label present. All food must still be checked through the office before entering classrooms.


Approved food list:

            Chips                                                  Fruit Snack Gummies

            Fresh Fruit                                         Vegetables (with Ranch)

            Oreos                                                  Animal Crackers                               

            Popcorn                                              Graham Crackers

            Popsicles                                            Pretzels

            Original Rice Krispy Brand Treat



NO cupcakes/cakes/cookie cakes/muffins/donuts or any item containing nuts

Please remind your child not to share his/her snack with others at school and to wash hands well before and after eating.


Have a great year!