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Important Information Regarding the 2017-2018 Uniform Policy


Our school superintendent, Mr. Tyler, has requested that we enforce the uniform policy.  This means we will limit out of uniform days.  Please review the uniform policy that is listed on the BCBE website.  Listed below, are the basics of our policy:

  • Navy or khaki shorts, skirts, pants, or jumpers (No tights, leggings, yoga pants, or denim)
  • Navy or white COLLARED shirts with sleeves, or turtlenecks - any logos must fit under a half-dollar coin
  • A Magnolia School spirit shirt from the school (you may not make your own)
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Hair must be a natural color


Uniform Infractions--Consequences

1st infraction—warning and parent notified

2nd infraction—Office referral and parent notified

3rd infraction- Detention and parent notified

4th infraction- One day suspension and parent notified