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Arrival and Dismissal


PikMyKid just completed the update and now all of our students should be in there.  If you need to get set up with the app, I have attached the info or please give us a call at the school at 251-965-6200.  

ALL students will be coming home with two colored car tags specific to this school year, so please dispose of any previous car tags.  Even if your child typically rides a bus or attends After-School Care, please hang on to your tags in the event you may need them.

If your child does not bring car tags home by Friday, August 18th, please reach out to the classroom teacher. If you lose your tags or need more than 2 additional car tags, they can be purchased online for $1 at:

- Student drop off begins at 7:10 and ends at 7:50
- Enter through the south entrance at the front of the school following the signs
- Pull up as far as possible in one single line
- Have children exit on the passenger side of the car only for safety reasons.
After 7:50 students must enter through the front office

- Student dismissal begins at 2:50 and ends at 3:30.
- Enter through the north entrance at the front of the school following the signs
- Pull up as far as possible in two lines - please do not switch lines once you pull in unless you are directed to do so.

Click on the link the Carline Maps below to view maps for morning arrival and afternoon dismissal:



- If you are in the inside lane closest to the building, display a tag on the driver's side.
- If you are in the outside lane closest to the road display tag on the passenger side.

- Car Tags should be flipped over to show the smiley face once car is loaded. This lets the MES staff know you are ready to move.

Use the PikMyKid App to announce your child(ren)
- Students will only be loaded into the passenger car for safety reasons.
- Students remaining at 3:30 will be walked to the front office.

ALL parents must use the PikMyKid App to announce your child(ren).  If you do not announce your child(ren) before someone gets to your vehicle, you will be asked to do so. If the person on duty has to locate your name/number in the app, this can create a delay in the carline. This is also a safety feature that ensures only those people delegated by you can pick up your child(ren). 

If you need assistance with the app, please reach out to our front office or you may also contact PikMyKid directly.  They can help you with loading the app, general use of  the app, changing your dismissal, and delegations.  

We appreciate your patience this week!  Carlines are typically longer at the start of the year until we get things rolling and everyone learns the processes. 

Please note that vehicles will not begin moving until we start the process of unloading (7:10 am) and loading (approximately 2:50 pm).  

Again, we also ask that you please do not pull over onto the grass across the street from the school in the AM or PM.  This creates a dangerous situation as non-school-related traffic attempts to pass. We are in a school zone and some delay is expected.  

If the carline is not working out with your schedule, please contact our office or your child's teacher and we can get you set up on a bus.

Select the appropriate link below to access the PikMyKid Parent App Guide:

PikMyKid Parent App Guide (English)

PikMyKid Parent App Guide (Spanish)