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Volunteer Information

We're Working to Keep Our Schools Safe: Thank you for your interest in volunteering. Keeping our students, faculty and staff safe is a top priority. To help ensure this safety, background screens for volunteers are a necessity. We have contracted with BIB to conduct high quality background checks on our potential volunteers using their Secure Volunteer technology.

It's Easy and Secure: Secure Volunteer is an easy to use online system created to help school systems manage volunteer screening. Use the secure online system to request your background check with just a few steps. The cost is $17.50. Once your background check is complete, we will review and notify you by email when you have been approved. You will also receive a Secure Volunteer ID card to verify your background screen has been completed.

Are you ready to volunteer? If you are interested in volunteer opportunities or need information about how to obtain background clearance, please visit your local school! 

Secure Volunteer