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We Need Your Help: Veteran's Day

We have a message below from our art teacher, Mrs. James, about a project they are wanting to do as we prepare for Veteran's Day. 

 This year for Veteran’s Day we would like for you to send in one picture of each family member who has served in the armed forces.  We will be using hot glue to do a project with these photos so we will only take a copy of the picture.  If you send in an original photo, we will send it back because we do not want to damage anyone’s picture and there is no guarantee that we can get the picture back to you when we are done. We want to highlight each person in your family who has served just so students have an idea just how many people in the families of our school body have fought for their freedom.  Pictures will be due by Friday, October 25th so you have just over a month to find pictures, get them copied and send them in.  We will also accept digital copies.  You can email the picture to or   We look forward to seeing the pictures from our school families of all of those who have served.  Thank you for your help with this endeavor!