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School Closure Information

Public school students in Alabama will NOT be returning to physical classrooms for the remainder of this school year. 

Our curriculum teams have prepared for this announcement and we have a plan to continue education with a distance learning program for your children. In fact, we don't just have one plan, we have multiple plans.

Some students will continue their online course of study much like our virtual students currently learn. Some students will work in a hybrid format with packets of information provided by their instructors.

We will send you detailed information on how this distance learning program will work for you and your family based specifically upon your child’s grade level: graduating seniors, high school students and K through 8 and our exceptional students. You will receive this information very soon.

Please continue with practice and enrichment as scheduled through the end of next week. We will hold our spring break as originally scheduled and when we return from spring break on Monday, April 13th, we will begin this new regimen of distance learning.