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Academic Continuity Plan

Academic Continuity Plan:  Parent Update (Kindergarten through 6th grades)


During these unprecedented times, our Elementary Curriculum Department has worked to develop an academic plan that is sensitive to both students’ academic needs and the unique needs of families. This plan was recently unveiled to school administrators and teachers and will be put into effect on April 13th. The plan provides details for academic learning to continue until the last official day of school in May. 


Below are the important details you will want to know:

  • We will use an online learning tool, Renaissance Learning Freckle. The tool will be used to assign students work to complete at home.
  • You can expect to receive a call from your student’s teacher during the week of April 13th.  During this call, you will work with the teacher to develop a weekly communication plan. At this time, the teacher will explain how to login and access Renaissance Freckle and discuss the workbooks we are providing for families without internet or WiFi access. The teacher will also share with you the district expectations for the minimum amount of time students are expected to spend each day completing work.
  • Times and dates for pickup or deliver of workbooks will posted on our website also. 
  • The link below will give you access to the “Freckle Family Guide” website. The link is also located on the website. This guide will provide you, the parent, with more information on this amazing learning tool.


 Again, please know the plan is designed to balance the demands of home life during this difficult time, yet ensure our students continue to grow academically. Thank you for your understanding and resilience as we face this challenge together! Stay safe!

#Community Strong