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Rodrigue "Blue Dog" Visit

Rodrigue Visit

Rodrigue's Office Visit

One of the DBAE units for 2024 is based on “Way Down South in New Orleans”.  The artist we are featuring is the creator of the “Blue Dog”, Mr. George Rodrigue.  We were blessed to have a visit from Mrs. Wendy Rodrigue, who runs the foundation Life & Legacy Art Foundation & Tour that celebrates her former husband’s artwork. Above you will find a video of some sights and sounds from her visit! She was in awe as she toured the halls of Rockwell and saw the many projects the students created featuring the BLUE DOG! She also took a moment to read to a group of 1st grade students in Ms. Jennifer Head’s class.  Our art teacher, Mrs. Cindy Becker, said it was the highlight of her career to be able to escort her around our school.  The children walking in the halls knew exactly who she was and cheered for her when she entered the cafeteria!