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Please refer to the information below regarding class celebrations and snacks that will be served to the entire class. If you have any questions please reach out to your child's teacher. 


Birthdays: Birthday parties are not allowed, however, parents may send in a treat bag with trinket type items (ex: pencils, erasers, bubbles, etc.). Food items for birthdays are discouraged, however, if you choose to send one of the approved items listed below, please consult your child’s teacher.

Holiday/Classroom Celebrations: Please consult with your child’s teacher, in advance, BEFORE bringing food items to holiday/classroom celebrations. There may be students that have food allergies that may prevent the serving of specific food items. Work with the teacher concerning details.

****Without exception, all food meant for a classroom must have prior approval before being served to students****

 The following items are approved for the classrooms: Chips, Fresh Fruit, Oreos, Popcorn, Original Rice Krispy brand treat, and Salsa.

NO: cakes, cupcakes, cookie cakes, muffins, donuts or any items containing nuts - exceptions will only be made for designated holiday/classroom celebrations (ex: Christmas, End of the Year, etc.)…NO EXCEPTIONS for Birthdays.


Spanish Fort Elementary will abide by all State Department of Education policies and regulations regarding appropriate food choices for classroom parties. In most cases, siblings may not attend class parties; check with the teacher for procedures for a specific party/event.