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Principal's Letter

Dear Stapleton Families,

   I couldn’t possibly be more proud of the students, families, and staff of “the sweetest little school in Baldwin County.”  Although, to be sure, the 20/21 school year and the final quarter of the 19/20 year were extraordinarily challenging, our entire school community excelled through this difficult time.  The true character and strength of our school was revealed by the adversities we faced head-on.  We should all take great pride in that.


   I’m proud first and foremost of our students.  When the school closed unexpectedly in March of 2020, they adapted quickly to on-line learning.  When classes resumed last August, they were responsible, mature, and patient with the many COVID-19 protocols that were adopted to help make in-person learning as safe as possible.  The big emphasis we placed on helping our students gain resilience, self-confidence, and grit have paid off.  Their actions throughout the unprecedented global pandemic demonstrated just how well our students have learned these important lessons and gained these critical skills.


   I’m grateful for our school families.  I am grateful for the trust and the confidence they placed in our school and our ability to help navigate our students through this crisis.  I’m grateful for their willingness to accept - and help our students adapt to - the changes in procedures and norms that the pandemic forced our school to undertake.  I’m grateful for their understanding, their support and their encouragement.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve and be a small part of such a wonderful, caring community.


   I’m honored to work with such extraordinary professionals.  I’ve heard many say that this has been the most difficult year in history to be an educator and there are many reasons to be believe that is true.  Regardless of the adversities and limitations posed by the many implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, our students excelled academically this year.  We saw terrific gains over the course of the school year despite the pandemic as well as not one but two significant hurricane closures.  In spite of it all, we have had an excellent year of academic growth.  What a privilege it is to lead a group of individuals filled with the passion, commitment, professionalism, adaptability, skill, and courage that it took to excel in the face of the many obstacles in our path.


   Our students, families, and staff certainly deserve the best so I’m proud also of the improvements and growth that are ongoing at our school.  The new playground is a wonderful addition as will be the greenhouse when it is complete.  New paint, fencing, and signage have spruced up the exterior areas of our campus, while new floors and desks have improved the classroom environments.  More important are the changes we are implementing to improve educational outcomes for our students.  We have embraced new instructional resources and are undertaking professional development that take full advantage of the science of reading.  We have adopted new math curriculum that will be instrumental in helping develop crucial math skills.  I am especially pleased by the addition of several new faculty members who bring with them an unusual level of knowledge, experience, and talent, as well as stellar records of instructional achievement.


   Any way you look at it, there is much to be proud of and much more excellence to anticipate.  The future of Stapleton School is oh so bright!


Jim Perry

July 2021