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School Visitor Guidelines

Until further notice, all visitors should have minimal access to a campus or building during the COVID-19 pandemic.

      • This means that until further notice, visitors should not be allowed to eat lunch with their children in the cafeteria or visit for other non-essential activities
      • This also includes walking their child to their classroom.
      • Interactions with the public, whenever possible, should be conducted over the phone or online.
  • Check Outs
    • Parent checking a student out - rings door camera and shows ID. Parent remains outside.
    • Tells front desk employee name of student they want to check out
    • Front desk employee calls room and student comes to office.
    • Front desk employee walks student to door and obtains signature of parent.
  • Check Ins
    • Parent rings door camera and tells front desk employee they need to check a student in.
    • Front door employee walks to door, lets student in and obtains parent signature.
  • Delivery of student medications
    • Make an appointment only with school nurse.
  • Forgotten Items (lunch, coat/jacket, ChromeBook or essential items)
    • Parent rings door camera and reports to front desk worker what they need to drop off.
    • Front desk worker has a box the parent drops the item in.
    • Front desk worker calls the student to the office to pick up item.
  • All Other Business
    • Appointments should only be arranged when the business to be conducted cannot take place on the phone or online.
    • 6 foot distance must be maintained in public reception spaces 
  • Hand sanitizing materials, and/or hand hygiene stations and masks are available and accessible for all visitors at facility entrances or reception spaces.
  • Until further notice, the Superintendent will require that all visitors wear a mask or other facial covering for the duration of their visit.