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Graduation 2022

EHS Class of 2022

Senior Countdown


NOTE:  If you are exempt from ALL of your finals, you can turn in your Chromebook senior exam week to Ms. Wagner.  Remember to save information to a different account if you have anything on your ibaldwin account.  You will LOSE access after graduation.


-If you painted your parking space, you MUST paint it black before graduation practice on May 18.  We fought to let you do this so please make sure it is something future classes get to do! Email Ms. Goodwin once it is done:


**Seniors: On exam days you will only report to those classes in which you have an exam! No walking around and visiting other classes before or after!



Friday, March 18

Josten’s Announcements and Keepsakes delivered for those who ordered (10:30 in library)

Tuesday, April 12

eLearning Day for Seniors 

(ACT being given to Juniors—more information to follow)

Friday, April 15

Prom at The Veranda

Friday, April 29

Senior OWA Trip (TBD)

-Cost:  $20.00 for ticket

-Hours:  9 to 4

-Restaurants open at 11:00

NOTE:  If you are a season pass holder, they are NOT honored on this day because it is a different situation-per OWA.

Monday, May 2

Last day to turn in college intent and proof of scholarships to be included in awards night

Tuesday, May 3

Senior Exams period 1,2,3

Wednesday, May 4

Senior Exams periods 4,5

Thursday, May 5

Senior Exams periods 6,7; turn in Chromebooks

Friday, May 6

Senior Make-Up Exams

Monday, May 9 (Handle your business day)


(this is an extremely formal event)

Josten’s handles all cap and gown distribution (in library)

9:00 AM 

**Only seniors who are clear of all fees/senior obligations can pick up their cap/gown. 

**Will receive handshake photo envelopes today; have ready BEFORE graduation ceremony

**Be prompt! NO caps/gowns will be distributed after 3:05!

Senior Picnic (noon—park)-food and music provided by Point Church; Bring a blanket or chairs!!!

Paint your parking space….(I will be checking!)

Academic Banquet (Top Ten Scholars):  Wolf Bay Lodge @6:00 pm

Tuesday, May 10

Senior Awards Day 10:00 am @ gymnasium; be there at 9:30

**Those receiving scholarships and/or awards will be sent invitations, but all seniors are welcome to attend.

Friday, May 13 (waiting to hear back on more details)

TBD:  Elberta Elementary/Middle:  Cap and Gown walkthrough at 10:00 am (park by the elementary school playground)

Sunday, May 15

Student Led: Not faculty responsibility

Baccalaureate @6:00 

Tuesday,May 17 

Summerdale Cap and Gown Walkthrough @8:30 am (meet at the school)

Wednesday, May 18

Before Senior Graduation Practice:

If you painted your spot this year, you will use black paint to black out the space to prepare it for the next school year.  If the space is not blacked out by Graduation Practice, a fine of $75 will be charged to you.  If the space is not painted black by graduation, your diploma will be held.  This will be enforced.

MANDATORY Graduation Practice @ 

@ 10:00 am (NOTE:  this was changed)

**IT WILL BE HOT!!! Wear shorts, t-shirt, flip flops (bring sunscreen)

After graduation practice, we will have a 

lunch provided in the pavilion (pending)

GRADUATION @ The Elberta Stadium@ 7:00 PM; Seniors need to be lined up alphabetically by  6 PM

**BE here by 5:45  pm

**MANDATORY DRESS: Boys: dress shirt, tie, dark dress pants, dark socks, dress shoes (brown, black, or navy), graduation gown 

Girls: Sunday dress – NO STRAPLESS DRESSES – dress shoes, graduation gown; knee length dresses (no short dresses); no cleavage--dress shoes (no stilettos or spikes)



Who to see for what:

Fees Owed: Mrs. Weichert

Graduation Questions/Issues/Pictures/And Everything Else Graduation Related: Ms. Goodwin 


Teachers will be given the following information:


Please turn in the name of any senior student making an F for the term to Mrs. Alms when you turn in your grade sheets. Do not put an I or an N for a grade unless you have discussed it with Mr. Bailey. Please make sure that the names of all senior students who owe fees have been turned in to Mrs. Weichert prior to MAY 6.  We will hold their cap/gown until they are cleared. 

Attention Seniors:


If there are any conflicts with any scheduled activity, you are to get permission from Mr. Bailey prior to the activity to be excused, otherwise your absence will be considered unexcused and the given consequences will follow. However, you are being given plenty of time to make arrangements to be able to participate in all of the activities from your exams to graduation night. PLAN AHEAD NOW!


You will NOT be allowed to pick up your cap and gown or participate in graduation activities if you owe money for fees, books, laptops, laptop chargers, athletic attire, fines, etc… Please make sure your record is clear as soon as possible. See Mrs. Weichert if you have any questions regarding monies owed.


You have been given a dress code for graduation activities. Anyone who is not dressed properly for graduation will not be allowed to participate in that activity. Please do NOT test this policy. It would be a shame for your family to attend and you not be able to participate. If you have any questions about your clothing, please see Ms. Goodwin.


Our graduation ceremony is a formal occasion. You have worked very hard for this night, and you will remember it for the rest of your lives. Show pride in your school, classmates, and yourself by behaving appropriately. 


At graduation, your tassel on the cap is placed to the right before the diploma is presented. Please remember to pause when accepting your diploma for your handshake picture.


Please ask all families to remain in the stands until after the graduation ceremony is over. Also, please ask them to keep their cheering at a minimum as it usually drowns out the name of the graduate behind you.


NOTE:  No restrictions on guests


In the case of inclement weather, we will have a ticket system. You will be given your tickets at graduation practice.  We are hoping for wonderful graduation weather!