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AP Testing? Complete the AP Testing Intent form and we'll order your test

The decision to take an AP test(s) is entirely up to you.

Taking an AP test earns an additional half point on your GPA. For example, earning a “B” average in AP US History equates to a 3.5; however, if you take the AP test, that 3.5 becomes a 4.0. Other advantages such as earning college credit may also apply depending on your test score and college choice.

The cost for each test is $94. There are no refunds. In the event a test is ordered and paid for, but you do not to take the test, you must pay an additional $15 for the unused test. This means you will not get the test fee back AND you will be charged $15. If you are testing on a fee waiver and miss the test for any reason, this $15 fee will also apply.

Test times and dates are listed on the form.

AP Testing Intent Form