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Welcome to BCVSS!

Good Afternoon,

This is Holly Resmondo, Principal of Baldwin County Virtual Secondary School. I want to welcome you and your student to our school and share a few announcements.

First, we are so excited to get this school year started even though we are going through some trying times. We are hoping that by returning to school, even virtually, students will have a since of normalcy in their lives.

 Last year we had 300 students enrolled in our secondary Virtual School. This year we have over 3,000 students enrolled for our middle and high school program. This is beyond exciting! The future of public education is unfolding right in front of us. That having been said, there are some expectations we will need to adjust so that we can ramp up our services to provide an excellent education opportunity for all three thousand students.

 Transferring 3,000 students from their base school to the Virtual School in a short amount of time has been an extraordinary task. We expect that most of the previously enrolled Baldwin County Public School students will be transferred by the end of this week. Most of the out-of-area students and new to Baldwin County students will be transferred by the end of next week.

 As a result of the time required to make all of these transfers, we are still working on student schedules. Please be patient with us as your student’s schedule will not be complete for a couple of weeks. We expect that all students will have some classes when we start next week but we are being diligent and taking our time to get this right and keep your student's schedule as close to their requested schedule as possible. We will have a window for schedule changes, if needed, and while we have more students to work with, this type of flexibility is typical for virtual students so don't panic, we will work through all of these exciting challenges!

 School is starting on Wednesday and all students will need to participate in a video orientation the first few days of school. Teachers will be reaching out to students next week and guiding them though the orientation. Virtual school is very different and I expect your kids will be excited about the opportunity for self-direction but Virtual School is not for everyone. This introductory video will help them know what to expect of us and what we expect of them. 

This is only the first of many emails to come over the next few weeks. Very soon I will be sending you an email about computers and technology requirements. Please share these messages with others as our parents work out their spam filters and we get everyone properly enrolled into our communication systems.


This is such an exciting time and we are so excited to start the school year with you and your student online!