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Parents of students who attend our Foley location:


Starting TOMORROW (October 1, 2021),  we will be temporarily moving our Baldwin County Virtual High School - Foley Teachers to a location in Robertsdale while the Foley building is being renovated. The classroom is located on Carolina Street next to the Robertsdale High School Football Stadium. I will include a map in this email and on the website. We are hoping we will only be in this location for around 6 weeks. We will keep you updated.

Please be reminded that on Monday, October the 4th, we will have a staff meeting and will not be open to students until 1:00pm on all campuses.

Directions from current location:

You will head East on Underwood Road and turn left (North) on 59 to Robertsdale. At the main traffic light in Robertsdale take a right (East) turn on Highway 104/ East Silverhill Avenue. At the four way stop turn left (North) on College Avenue/ 71. Once you pass Carolina Street (The Entrance to South Baldwin Center of Technology) you will turn right into the entrance to the parking lot. The building is located directly to your right and the classroom will be on the North side of the building with our flag out front.


Map to New Location



The classroom is part of the Robertsdale Elementary Gym, You should be able to see our sign once you are in the parking lot.