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Summer Vaccination Clinics & Camps

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Robertsdale Health Department Vaccination Clinic

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School Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization Form

Virtual Young Teen Asthma & Wellness Camp

Camp WheezeAway


Hello, my name is Beth Mackin, and I will be the Registered Nurse at the Virtual Elementary, Middle and Secondary School for the upcoming school year.  I am looking forward to meeting all of you and getting to know your students. Summer is a wonderful time to get any required medical forms updated. Many times, it is difficult to get appointments at the beginning of the school year. I want to send you a few reminders as you begin your summer vacation. 

As required by law, we must maintain a current Alabama Certificate of Immunization (formerly known as Blue Card) for students at all grade levels. Please review your student’s immunization record and make sure he/she is up to date. Attached is information regarding required Immunizations and Clinic Dates at Robertsdale Health Department. 

Prescriber/Parent Authorization: If your child requires prescription medication to be administered at school, please complete, and sign this form along with your health care provider. Remember, a parent/guardian MUST bring any and all medication to school. 

Over the Counter Medication: Requires parent/guardian signature and may require a health care provider authorization. Please bring a new, unopened bottle to school nurse at start of school year along with Prescriber/Parent Authorization. 

 Inhaler or Epipen: If your student will have an inhaler or epipen at school or your student will self-carry medication per Prescriber/Parent Authorization, please have inhaler or epipen in box with label directly on medication and/or box to match the medication authorization form. 


Summer Opportunity for students diagnosed with Asthma ( ages 11-15).  “FREE– VIRTUAL YOUNG TEEN ASTHMA AND WELLNESS CAMP.” Please see attached flier for more information.  


Camp Wheeze Away May 29-June 3  ( Children age 8-12) - see attachment for more information 

  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  

Thank you! 

Catherine (Beth) Mackin BSN,RN
School Nurse
Baldwin County Virtual Secondary School
Phone:   251-607-5622 
Extension 37011
Fax:       251-607-5623