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Uniforms for BCHS Students - 2017/2018

BCHS will continue to pilot the Dress Code policy.  This will be replacing the Uniform Policy of the BCBE. The purpose of this is to study the increase in attendance rates and how it relates to student dress.  Students will still have to follow the guidelines below. 

The code we will follow consist of:



  No offensive or controversial slogans/emblems.

  No cut off tops. (No midriff can be showing)

  No sleeveless garments.

  No see-through garments.

  No cleavage can be shown.

  Fit properly- no oversized or tight tops.

  No tank top/undershirt can be worn as a shirt.



  Length should be at fingertip or mid-thigh, which ever is longer.

  Fit properly- no oversized or tight shorts.

  No non issued / school athletic, spandex, biker, or see-through shorts.

  Must be hemmed and not rolled up



  Length should be at fingertip or mid-thigh, which ever is longer. 

  Splits may not exceed (3) inches above the top of the knee.



  Proper fit- no sagging or baggy fit: worn at the waist.

  No see through or spandex legging pants including yoga pants.

  Leggings/tights may be worn only under shirts and dresses of appropriate length.

  No Oversized or tight pants.

  No holes in jeans.

  Sweat pants and warm-up suits will be allowed.



  Must be worn at all times, fastened properly.

  *Classes may require certain shoes. Ex.  P.E., Chemistry.

  No bedroom slippers.



  Hats, caps, sweatbands, or other head covering will not be worn in building.


  No gang related clothing will be allowed.


In the event that a student’s dress is in question, the final decision will be at the discretion of the principal/designee.