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BCHS Update


Welcome back and we hope you all have had a great Christmas and New Year's break.  

  • Report cards were issued to students last Friday to be taken home.  
  • Starting Monday, January 7th, we will be implementing No Phone New Year.  We will be going by the board policy.  In short, phones need to be off and in the students bag from the time they arrive on campus until 3:00.  We hope this will allow our students to focus during their class time and get more out of their class time. 
  • Also Monday, student who are late to class will be given tardy detention.  When in detention they will not be allowed to complete classwork missed but will need to make this up during their lunch detention.  We hope this will stem the stream of students late to class. 
  • Next Friday is the deadline for the February 9th ACT test.  Any student who is interested in applying for a waiver will need to check with the guidance department to see if you qualify. 
  • And finally we are in the process of planning our academic Saturday School.  Any student who has missed 10 or more times in one class may be notified if they will need to attend one of these sessions.  The dates are to be announced and the students will be contacted if they are required to attend to get credit for their class. 

We hope you all have a great new year!