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How to check out an e-book

You can check out an e-book on your computer or other device through our library.  First, click on the link above.  Then, click on the member sign-in tab.  (It's on the upper left hand area of the page.)  Enter your "lunch" number as your username and the word library as the password.  The first time you check out a book the program will ask you to take a short interest inventory but you can skip that if you want.  You can only check out one e-book at a time and keep it for one week.  (If you try to log-in and can't, stop by the library and tell Mrs. Campbell or e-mail me at  I am still manually adding students to this program and may not have gotten to your name yet.)  Let the library know how you like this new program!  Also, please let us know if you encounter any problems.
username:  12345
password:  library