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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

September 15th - Blast the Bobcats Space Themed Pep Rally

September 15th - Football @ Home vs. Theodore

September 19th - Inaugural Girls Flag Football Game @ Leflore

September 21st - Make-up Pictures

September 22nd - Football @ Blount

September 26th - Girls Flag Football vs. Satsuma and MGM @ Satsuma

September 29th - The Homecoming Games Hunger Games Themed Pep Rally

September 29th - Football @ Home vs. MGM (Homecoming Game)

September 30th - Homecoming Dance

October 3rd - Girls Flag Football @ Davidson

October 5th - Football @ Home vs. McGill-Toolen

October 10th - Girls Flag Football @ Home vs. McGill-Toolen

October 13th - Football @ Saraland

October 17th - Girls Flag Football @ Home vs. Daphne

October 20th - Let's Glow Tigers Blacklight Pep Rally

October 20th - Football @ Home vs. Murphy (Senior Night)

October 24th - Girls Flag Football @ Home vs. Satsuma

October 27th - Football @ St. Paul

October 31st - Girls Flag Football Area Tournament TBD

November 3rd - Celebrate Seniors Favorite Holiday Themed Pep Rally

November 3rd - Football @ Robertsdale

November 10th - Football Playoffs Begin