Gulf Shores High School

Gulf Shores, AL

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The students did a great job yesterday. This year was more important to the students—and myself—than years past. It has been nice to see them use something they love as a way of coming closer together when their lives were truly turned upside down two weeks ago. These teenagers have witnessed sights adults shouldn’t have to; and I know it has been hard on them. However, through all of the heart ache and pains, this group of remarkable young people have time and time again persevered in an effort to give of themselves for something larger than themselves. People have told me on multiple occasions that I did a great job that day. I appreciate the kind thoughts, however, the true inspiration from Mardi Gras has been these students. They have slowly been smiling more, caring for each other, and bringing a positive environment to those around them. I’m thankful for them. 

Thank you,


William Mixon
Band Director
Gulf Shores High School
600 East 15th Avenue
Gulf Shores, AL 36547