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Kindergarten Parent Orientation/CLASS ROSTERS


Hello Kindergarten Parents!  We hope you are getting just as excited about Kindergarten as we are!  Kindergarten Orientation for our parents will be tomorrow evening (Thursday, August 3rd) at 5:30.  This orientation is for parents to learn about the basics of Kindergarten.  Meet the Teacher on Monday, August 7th is the exciting day for kids when we “open” at Meet their Teacher.  If you cannot find childcare for your child for orientation, please go ahead and bring them because the info is too important to miss.


When you arrive, you may park on the East or West of the school.  On the East side of school is our car line.  You may also parallel park in lanes 1 and 3 of car line, but not lane 2.  Lane 2 needs to stay open for traffic to pass.


Please enter in the front main entrance of the school.  Our PTO will be set up to welcome you.


If you have your child’s school supplies, you may go ahead and bring them.  If you pre-ordered supplies, they have already been delivered to the classroom.  No worries if you do not have supplies yet!


If your enrolled Kindergartener is not on a class roster, don’t fret, simply contact our school Registrar at or call us at 251-607-5624. We have plenty of time before Meet the Teacher and the first day to get things worked out.  Look twice though!  Kids are listed by their first name and last initial.