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1st-6th Grade Class Rosters 23-24

1st-6th Grade Class Rosters


Okay!  We are a bit early on releasing class rosters.  THANK YOU TO AN AMAZING OFFICE STAFF IN ENROLLING AND WORKING THROUGH 1100 KIDS!


Rosters are listed by grade level, first name, last initial.  1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade classrooms are self-contained, meaning kids do not change classes.  4th and 5th grade team teach, meaning the kids change classes or split times between the team teachers.  4th and 5th grade teacher teams are the following:



1. Bodle (Reading/ELA) and L. Ellis (Math/Sci/SS)

2. Ishee (Reading/ELA) and Harbison (Math/Sci/SS)

3. Turner (Reading/ELA) and Van Hauter (Math/Sci/SS)

4. Barton (Reading/ELA) and Fleming (Math/Sci/SS)



1. McInvale (Reading/ELA) and Canfield (Math) and Murchison (Sci/SS)

2. Hale (Reading/ELA) and Nolte (Math/Sci/SS)

3. Wilson (Reading/ELA) and Seibert (Math/Sci/SS)


6th- Students in 6th Grade will be following a rotation of 4 core classes: Math; Reading; ELA/Writing; Science/Social Studies.  The student’s HOMEROOM teacher is listed only.  At Meet the Teacher on Monday, Aug 7th, students will report to their homeroom teacher and pick-up their schedule of core classes.


1.  Math Teachers: Kemper and Bosarge

2.  Reading Teachers: Roseberry and Maddox

3.  ELA/Writing Teachers: Marion and Scheirer

4.  Science and Social Studies: Miller and Osborne




1ST GRADE 23-24


2ND GRADE 23-24


3RD GRADE 23-24


4TH GRADE 23-24


5TH GRADE 23-24


6TH GRADE 23-24