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Tiger Paws Audition Info

2020-2021 Tiger Paw Audition Information & Application

The Tiger Paws is our 7th & 8th Grade Dance Team.


Audition Practices will be held

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: April 27, 29, & May 1

          Time: 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Location: BCHS Gym

*Audition Practices are mandatory. Candidates not present for all audition practice days may not be eligible to audition.


Auditions will be Saturday, May 2 Time: 8:00am - Until Location: BCHS Gym


The AUDITION APPLICATION is to be completed ONLINE by MONDAY, APRIL 20. The Online Application can be found at the bottom of this section.




  • Mandatory audition practices will be Monday, April, 27; Wednesday, April 29; and Friday, May 1 from 4:30pm-6:30pm in the BCHS Gym.
  • Exiting 8th grade members will teach dance fundamentals and the audition routines.
  • All practices led by exiting 8th grade Tiger Paws facilitating audition practices will be held during regularly scheduled clinic times only. Extra/optional audition assistance sessions, outside regularly scheduled times, will be available to all candidates. Any violation of this rule will result in a forced withdrawal of offender’s application for audition.
  • For audition practices, Candidates should wear tennis shoes, dance sneakers, or jazz shoes (bare feet are NOT allowed) and comfortable athletic clothing or dance wear that they can move and stretch in (for example: shorts and t-shirt or dance pants and a tank).
  • Auditions will be Saturday, May 2 in the BCHS gym beginning at 8:00am.
  • Auditions and audition practices are closed to spectators and the public.
  • Audition attire will be tennis shoes, dance sneakers, or jazz shoes (bare feet are NOT allowed) and BLACK shorts with a PLAIN, SOLID WHITE, BLACK, OR ORANGE top. The top can be a tank top or fitted t-shirt. Attire should accentuate the audition candidate’s figure so that movement can be seen by the judges. Candidates are encouraged to wear nude tights under their shorts. Hair must be pulled back, off of and away from the face. Long t-shirts are to be tucked in.
  • Candidates will audition in groups. All groups will be chosen at random.
  • Candidates will be scored by a panel of judges on the execution of fundamentals displayed and the audition routine taught during the audition process.
  • The Sponsor & Coach will determine the number of dance team members chosen. After tallying the scores, the number of team members will be determined based on the natural break of the scores. In case of a discrepancy in scores between the judges above or below the break, the judges reserve the right to conduct callbacks before making final scoring decisions.
  • At the end of auditions, each candidate will receive a sealed envelope with a letter stating whether or not they were selected for the team. Candidates will leave the school with this envelope and are NOT to open the envelope until they are OFF SCHOOL PROPERTY. Any candidate who opens the letter before leaving school property, if they were selected, will be removed from the team. Any candidate who opens the letter before leaving the school, if they were not selected, will be ineligible to audition in the future.


Tiger Paw Auditions will consist of:

1.  Demonstration of Fundamentals

  • Right & Left Pirouettes; single and double
  • Chainé and Piqué turns
  • Right & Left grand jettés
  • Leap en seconde
  • Leg extensions, right and left
  • Splits, right and left
  • Kicks
  1. Performance of a Dance taught during the audition process.
  • The dance will be approximately 1 min long and feature the styles of dance used by the Tiger Paws, including hip hop, pom, and jazz.
  • Each candidate will have 2 8-counts of music to perform their own choreography in order to display additional skills/talents they have.