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TARDY Policy


Studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Education on tardiness or lateness show that school attendance is a major factor when it comes to academic success and student behavior.  Unexcused tardies can result from late arrivals to school and/or class.  Notification of each referral will be communicated to parents/ guardians.  Tardies will start over every 9 weeks (quarter).    

  • 1st Referral on 4th Unexcused TARDY = WARNING/Parent Notification
  • 2nd Referral on 6th Unexcused TARDY = 1 day OCS and student placed on the non-privilege list for the quarter
  • 3rd Referral on 8th Unexcused TARDY = 2 days OCS
  • 4th Referral on 10th Unexcused TARDY = 3 days OCS 
  • 5th Referral on 12th Unexcused TARDY = 1 day OSS