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How to Use the INOW Portal

There are several ways to access the INOW Parent Portal so that you can check grades and attendance for your child.  Please follow the instructions below for access.
The link to the actual program can be found in multiple places, as well as on the DMS Links page.  Or, you can click HERE.
Once you click the link, a gray box appears and you will be prompted to login.  It is very important to know that you will be asked to login twice for access to INOW.  The first login box to appear, you must use the following username and password:
Username:  homeuser
Password:  homeuser1
Initial Login  
It is also important to note that the student login will not work at this point.  You must use the homeuser and homeuser1 combination at the first login prompt.  Now, you are ready to login using the information provided by the school front office.  Usernames and passwords have not changed since last year, so you will use the same info to login this year.  If you do not know your information, you will need to see the school's registrar in the front office.  If you find that your account is disabled, you will need to see the registrar.
INOW Login
After the initial login, you will be prompted to CHANGE the password to your own.  Please follow the instructions on the screen to complete this step.  Once you have changed your password, please write it down so that you can remember it!  Also, please discuss this password with your child so that you BOTH will have access.  

The office cannot look up passwords, they can only RESET to the temporary default password.
 For more info on using the inow portal, please visit the EdTech Department page.