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Library Update May 14, 2020

Remember, our buildings remain closed, but we now have a system in place for students to return Library Books!  We have placed a GRAY BIN in the snack bar area for books!

Check your Account:

Visit the Library Page  (
Click Log On
Username:  Lunch Code
Password:  Birthday MMDDYY (six numbers for example:  070307 is July 3, 2007.  The year is the last 2 digits of the year)
Click on Items Out to see if you have any books currently checked out, and click on Fines to see if you have any fines from last year.  Remember, we only charge for lost books, so if it lists a fine, this is a lost book from last year.

You will have to pay the replacement cost if you cannot find your books currently checked out.  Please watch your emails for reminders!  I will complete inventory at some point this summer, and I will scan every book in the library.  This helps reconcile everything, and checks items in if they are on the shelf.  We will email a reminder in report cards as well as more emails after inventory is completed.  Please help us get our materials back in order!  Please email me if you have any questions –

THANK YOU for your help in this matter!

Link to Video Update 

Link to the Note we sent out

Bin in the Snack Area