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ACAP Testing is THIS WEEK!

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DMS students will take the ACAP (Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program) Summative on April 13-16.  We will have test sessions in the morning and afternoon of these dates.  Here is a list of reminders as we approach our state required testing:

  • Students should get rest and eat a good breakfast each day
  • Students should be on time each day and present for all sessions
  • Students should bring their fully charged computers AND chargers each day.  ACAP is only administered on the county issued chromebook devices.
  • If students are having trouble with their computers, they should see Mrs. Carroll in the Help Desk PRIOR to our test sessions.
  • Students and parents should be aware of the state's digital device policy below.  ANY digital device other than the county issued chromebook should be powered off and left in the student backpack, which will be placed in the halls.  Or, devices should be left at HOME until we are finished with all testing.  Any digital device collected during an ACAP test session will be held until the last day of school, May 25th as this is a very serious matter.
  • Students will be assigned to a testing room with a test administrator, typically in homeroom, but not always since grades cannot be mixed.
  • The only items allowed in the testing room will be a student's chromebook and a book.  All other materials will be provided.  *Students may use their own calculator, or use the one on the computer.
  • After students submit their test, they will close their computers and read or put their heads down.  They will not be allowed to write,draw, doodle, or work on anything else.  Computers will remain closed until the end of the test session.
  • Students will use the secure browser on the chromebook, and will not be able to do any other tasks than take the ACAP Summative test and submit.
  • Makeup sessions will be scheduled April 16-23.


Below is a letter that went home from administration that details the ALSDE Digital Device Policy.  Students MAY NOT have any kind of digital device (phone, tablet, smart watch, etc.) in the testing room.  Devices should be powered off and left in backpacks OUTSIDE the testing room.  Once a test session begins, we will have hall monitors in place on every hall and students will not have access to their bags until the test session is over.  This is a very serious policy that must be followed!

Digital Device Policy