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Kindness Rock Project - FHS Art Students

Ms. Lynda Williams' art classes recently painted rocks as part of the #KindnessRock Project- no syllabus, no lectures,….just painting.  Students did 3 rocks each:

           *pointillism ( dotting- like aboriginine)) using Q-tips, small paintbrushes, toothpicks.
           *Animal or creature- something with eyes (then they could add googly eyes if desired for funsies)
            *Positive word or saying

2018 Aug rocks1   2018 Aug Rocks2   2018 Aug Rocks3   2018 Aug rocks4   2018 Aug Rocksboard   2018 Aug Rocks painting

 The Kindness rock project started a few years ago when a woman scribbled a few positive words on rocks and left them on a Cape Cod beach for people to find to cheer them on. The #kindness rock project has since gained world wide attention, with inspirational, hash-tagged rocks popping up in at least 7 countries and garnering millions of views on social media. Hash tagged rocks are left in public in easy to find spots- when found, the finder should take a pic and upload to Twitter ( Instagram, FB, etc) and write where found.