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AMAZING State Meet for our Pirate Swimmers and Divers!

swim dive Dec 2019

 Dec 19  

swim dive 2019 2

Thank YOU so much for your Support of our Swimmers, Divers and Coaches!

What an AWESOME experience it was for our Pirate Swimmers and Divers to start their State Meet weekend watching the Auburn vs Alabama Swim and Dive Meet on Thursday!

The racing was so exciting and we were able to get front row seats!

The Diving was spectacular, and we were able to see both the 1 and 3-meter diving events---WOW!!



It was an exciting race and she lead the whole way!! Way to go Kayleigh!!

Kaleigh also received a 2nd place medal for her 200 Individual Medley race!

She set a Goal this season to medal in both her races---Great Racing Kaleigh!!

We Are So Proud of YOU!


Congrats to our Girls 400 Free Relay—2nd place Medalists!

Lena Amare, Ella McDowell, Emily Beaver and Kaleigh Spears


Finalists—Top 16

Lena Amare                                                         200 Free                14th place

                                                                                500 Free                11th place

Emily Beaver                                                      50 Free                  4th place

Mary Katherine Carrick                                   Diving                    11th place

Ella McDowell                                                     100 Back               7th place


200 Medley Relay—5th place                        

Anastasia Newton, Kaleigh Spears, Ella McDowell, Emily Beaver

200 Free Relay—8th place

Lena Amare, Ravenna Brandon, Ella McDowell, Emily Beaver


Boys Finalists—Top 16

Davis Amare                                        200 IM                   12th place

                                                                100 Back               10th place

Cooper Brechman                             Diving                    11th place

Stephen Laraway                              50 Free                  13th place

                                                                100 Back               15th place

Grant Thornton                 200 Free                14th place

                                                                100 Free                10th place


200 Medley Relay—8th place

Davis Amare, Trent Mayr, Ryan Johnson, Stephen Laraway

200 Free Relay—9th place

Stephen Laraway, Ryan Johnson, Pete McGriff, Grant Thornton

400 Free Relay—8th place

Davis Amare, Trevor Hemming, Trent Mayr, Grant Thornton


“Almost Finalists”

Elliott Greer                                         500 Free                20th place

Trevor Hemming                               200 Free                21st place

                                                                500 Free                18th place

Ryan Johnson                                    100 Fly                   17th place

Trent Mayr                                          100 Breast           18th place



The Girls Team scored 163 points for 5th place!

The Boys Team scored 96 points for 9th place!