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INOW Portal To Check Grades

How to Access your Child’s INOW Home Portal to Check Grades:
Login to your internet and type:
Click on “INOW Grades Link” located on the left hand side of the school web page
You will be directed to the directions on how to access and you should click the highlighted link under Use the following link and instructions to access the Home Portal.  Use the following link and instructions to access the Home Portal:
After you click a gray box will appear for you to enter login and password, enter:
                                         Login: homeuser
                                         Password: homeuser1
This step must be done every time you login, the student login and password will not work if entered here
The INOW login page will appear and you will enter your student’s login and password. (Once you change the default password the school office personnel has no way of seeing what you have changed it to).
The Home Portal username for your student is: User name:  _______ _________
Upon your initial login using the default password, you will be immediately asked to change your password. You will enter the password provided on your student's login slip into the ‘Old Password:' field and then enter your newly created password two times below.
Security is paramount - your new password must be at least eight (8) characters long, must contain a mixture of alpha and numeric characters, and is case-sensitive. Do NOT share your password with others!
The temporary password is: fhpm0070                 -         “Be careful, this is case sensitive.”
When changing your password you will be asked to enter the old password:  fhpm0070       –  then you enter your personalized password