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A Letter from FHS 9th Grade Counselor, Mrs. Adams, about High School Registration




Hello Parents! 

My name is Cammie Adams and I am the freshman counselor at Fairhope High School. The counseling department is designed to assist your student in making the most of his/her educational experiences. As their freshman counselor, I care about their emotional well-being, academic progress and personal and social development.

A lot goes on behind the scenes when selecting the pathway best fitted to your student’s abilities and aptitudes. If he/she has struggled in advanced classes at FMS, they are really going to struggle in advanced classes at the high school. My best suggestion for you – ask the middle school teachers where they feel your student would be best served. Not every student is willing or able to do the work demanded in honors classes. Some students who take honors will decide to not go to college and some students who take regular classes will choose to go to college. My goal is to try to get every student situated in the classes where he/she will experience academic growth and success at the level most appropriate for him/her. When you see my recommendation for your student’s classes, please remember that I based my recommendations on test data and input from those who know the “student” side of your teenager. If you do not agree with my core class placement, you will need to sign a waiver for your student to take courses against recommendations. Also, keep in mind that what your teen is capable of doing and what he/she is willing to do may not always mesh. Research has proven that the teenage brain is a work in progress!

It is important that you are informed of a few things to ease what can be a challenging and confusing time. I will go over general information with your student February 19th  March 1st in their history classes. The parent meeting will be held on March 7th at 6:00 p.m. in the FMS Cafeteria. All registration paperwork is due March 15th. Make sure you have these 2 things:

  1. Your registration worksheet (complete and signed by both parent and student) 2. Your valid 2 proofs of residency

If the registration forms are not turned in to their homeroom teachers by March 15th, you will need to drop them off in the FHS front office.

Visit our counseling page at Here you will find some helpful information as well as the freshman page under “Counselor’s Corner”. Please make sure your email address is updated in INOW. This is how I communicate with both students and parents. 

You will soon have a high schooler! I look forward to working with you and your student this upcoming school year! !

Cammie Adams, M.Ed., NCC Freshman Counselor, Class of 2023