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Ms. Thorjusen's Math Class Students Are Recognized with Awards for MARC Spring Art Exhibition Entries!

Art Awards

Pictured left to right: Ashley Farquar, Tamaya Williams, Sarah Brooke, and Destiny Durgin

Students from Ms. Thorjusen’s math class completed an arts integration project as part of the Geometric Transformations unit. The completed projects were entered in the MARC Spring Art Exhibition. Ninety-one student pieces were entered from Baldwin County schools; four students from Fairhope Middle were recognized with awards. They are:

1st place-  Tamya Williams,   “Alabama”

2nd place- Destiny Durgin,  “The Art of Shapes”

Honorable Mention- Ashley Farquhar,  “Ashley Farquhar’s Work”

Honorable Mention- Sarah Brooke,  “Deep Blue”

Other students who entered pieces were:

Taylor Andrews-Marks

Zander Calvert

Sam Collins

Robert Guzman

Jameson Hecker

Pierce Kelim

Connor Lenoir

Havana Mena

David Post

Teresa Roubik

Ms. Thorjusen's Student Award Winners