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FMS Peer Helpers for 2019/2020- Congratulations Students!

FMS Peer Helpers for 2019/2020

Peer Helpers

Congratulations Students!

Wyatt Aiken

Cassie Bayer

Kelvin Bedoya

Townes Bowman

Mackenzie Casallo

Claudia Catar

Abby Coker

Maggie Cummings

Sofia Diaz

Anna Bowler Conyers

Chloe Ellis

Melissa Fowler

Peyton Frazer

Madeleine Gann

Callie Henderson

Ana Kangsumrith

Josie Linn

Ava Louviere

Jack McCarley

Thomas McCaskey

Justin Myers

Mitchell Puckett

Gavin Rehorn

Belle Sansom

Kayla Thomas

Bailey Wiggins

Caroline Wiggins


Mrs. Bowling and Mrs. Doyle want to thank all the students who applied and to encourage all applicants to pursue Builders Club membership next year which is an excellent leadership opportunity.

Peer Helpers need to report to the Counseling area in the morning after announcements , 5/15/2019, to pick up their packets.