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Congratulations to Teagan Lanicek, FMS Red Ribbon Week Leader for 2020/2021!

The faculty and staff of Fairhope Middle School have selected Teagan Lanicek, 8th grade, as the Red Ribbon Leader for 2020/2021. She was chosen because she is an outstanding student who exemplifies the 6 pillars of character that include trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. 

The national Red Ribbon Week theme this year is "Be happy. Be Brave. Be drug free!"

Teagan and the members of the Red Ribbon Committee, Colter Cassagne, Mary Thomas Butler, Aiden Berry, and Meredith Bates will be responsible for implementing activities which address this theme. Also, Teagan will lead the committee in developing a community project.

Congratulations to Teagan Lanicek and the Red Ribbon Week Committee!

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week Dress Up Days


Red Day (Be smart, Be brave, Don’t do drugs.)


80’s Day (Friends don’t lie….or pressure you into drugs)


Animal Print/Camouflage (Use your instincts, don’t do drugs!)


Alabama vs. Auburn (Don’t let drugs divide us!)


Halloween Day (Stick with the candy, not the drugs.)