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ACAP Digital Device Policy

ACAP Digital Device Policy

Alabama State Department of Education Digital Device Policy for the Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program (ACAP)




Students shall not possess any digital device within the testing room when participating in the Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program (ACAP) testing. The possession of a digital device by students

participating in ACAP testing is strictly prohibited during the administration of an assessment. The ONLY exception to this policy is for students who have been pre-approved by the Building Test Coordinator or the Principal to have a digital device that is necessary for the health and/or well-being of the student. All exceptions must be pre-approved in writing by the Building Test Coordinator or the school Principal by completing the Digital Device Exception Request form.


Each local education agency (LEA) shall have in place a School Test Security Plan for each school that includes a digital device collection plan for students who will participate in the ACAP. This collection shall take place for students prior to entering the testing room.


For the purposes of this policy, digital devices are defined to include anything that can capture, store, relay, or receive electronic information. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: laptops, smart phones, smart watches, fitness trackers, MP3 players, and tablets.


If students are in possession of a digital device, whether powered on or off, during the administration of an ACAP assessment, the device will be confiscated, and the student's test will be invalidated. If the appropriate administrator determines there is reasonable suspicion the device was used to capture, record, share test information, or to facilitate cheating on the assessment, the device will be subject to search pursuant to LEA policy for any information directly related to the assessment being administered. Violations may result in disciplinary action by the LEA in accordance with the LEA's disciplinary policy.


Any variance of this policy will be at the discretion of the Alabama State Department of Education, in accordance with guidance in the ACAP Integrity Handbook for Test Administration. Student Assessment will provide guidance to the LEA on how to proceed with further testing and the notification of the parent, and or guardian(s) and the district Superintendent.


LEAs shall make all students participating in the administration of a state assessment, parents, and/or guardian(s) aware of this prohibition through inclusion of this policy in the Student Code of Conduct Handbook and may also publicize this policy through other normally accepted methods.