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Alabama Library Expo awards FHS Library Media Specialists

The Herman Moore LAMP Award of Exceptional Service is awarded annually by Alabama Library Expo to librarians and library media specialists throughout the State of Alabama who have rendered outstanding and exceptional service to their patrons, schools, and communities. This year, the Alabama Library Expo honored 21 librarians state-wide, including Mrs. Bernadette Kyle and Ms. Chandler Dunaway, Foley High School’s librarians.


In 2015, Mrs. Kyle, in partnership with the FHS Counseling and Guidance Department, launched a new initiative for that year’s incoming freshmen class (currently the class of 2019). Recognizing that many of our students needed additional assistance and help to be successful in school, Mrs. Kyle volunteered to serve as a mentor or “Success Coach” to guide these students, be an advocate for them, and encourage them to move toward the goal of graduating. Many of her original students will be graduating this December as early exit seniors. The following year, Ms. Dunaway launched the same program for the Class of 2020. Each grade-level now has a “Success Coach.”


Pictured (attached): Mr. Russ Moore (FHS Principal), Ms. Chandler Dunaway (FHS Librarian/Class of 2019 Success Coach), Mrs. Bernadette Kyle (FHS Librarian/Class of 2020 Success Coach), and Mr. Tyson Reed (FHS Curriculum Leader).


                 LAMP Award