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Foley High School Freshman Electives Student Application 2020-2021

Parents of rising Freshmen:

                When we scheduled your freshmen this spring, we scheduled all of them for a business class in which the students will have the opportunity to earn a credential and be considered a college or career ready student in Alabama.  This is an excellent course, and your students will benefit from it.  We have decided to allow our freshmen to request an alternate elective in some areas, however.  The link below will direct you to that process.  Our peer helpers program, our choral department, and several of our career tech departments have opportunities for your students that will also benefit them.

                Please look this over with your rising freshman and fill out an application if it is important to your child.  We have limited room in these areas, so most of our students will remain in the excellent business course.  If your student truly has a passion for one of these other opportunities, it is important that he or she expresses that in the written component of the application.  Thank you for your assistance with this matter, and Go Lions!


Russ Moore, Foley HS principal



Click Here for Application