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January 18, 2022: E-Learning Day

  • E-Learning Day: Students do not report to school building.
  • Students work at home and submit completed work by deadline.

Teacher Goal/Objective: Create a teacher created pre-recorded instructional video for ONE of your preps and post to preferred LMS (Google Classroom or Schoology) along with associated assignment(s). One instructional video is the minimum requirement. You are welcome to do a pre-recorded instructional video for all your preps if you choose.

Student Goal/Objective - Access LMS platform, watch teacher-created, pre-recorded instructional video, complete distance learning assignment(s), utilize appropriate software and resources from home, and submit completed assignment(s) by deadline.

Assignment Ready/Posted by: The lesson (video + assignment) should be made available to students by Friday, January 14th. This will allow students without home internet to download necessary files to their Chromebook, flash drive, get paper copies, etc. before leaving school Friday. It will also allow the teacher to review the instructions and address any questions students may have prior to working from home.

Workload per Class Period: 30-50 minutes total per course (includes time to watch recorded video(s) + finish the associated assignment)

Student Due Date: Assignments are due by end of day January 18th.


Important note: Just to be clear, ALL courses should have an assignment posted for students to complete on the January e-Learning day. But, at minimum, one course will need a teacher-created, instructional video. If you are already comfortable with recording instructional videos and would like to make one for each of your courses, feel free to do so.

Reminder: Teachers will not be hosting live, interactive Google Meets, etc. on this e-Learning day. Instead, all teachers will be posting an asynchronous video(s) with an independent lesson consisting of a learning activity/review lesson to either Google Classroom or Schoology.